October 26, 2021

Current Lead Times & Updates

Current Lead Times & Updates

Amistad grill company was Born on April 2021 This last six months have been an interesting and exciting time for our company.

The demand for our products has been amazing and it has created challenges that have been addressed and processes that have been improved, we are extremely humbled by the support from all of our customers and the choice to seek out our products.

We understand that the newly expanded lead times are not exactly ideal, and understandably caused frustration among our customers.

We have fought through the majority of the supply chain issues and continue to work weekly to reduce lead-times.

We are working hard developing new suppliers as well as strengthening partnerships with our current ones. And although supplier lead times continue being an issue we are moving as fast as possible and trying to adjust.

we are highly focused on 2022 and beyond with more exciting products being added to our lineup.


We truly and sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we work to keep up with demand. We are thankful for all of our hardworking staff members, our families, friends, and all of the people along the way that have helped made our brand what it is today. Most of all we thank our customers — we couldn’t do what we do without you!