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Amistad Grill - Carbon Steel Plancha Attachement

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Turn your grill or fire pit into a short-order kitchen with this heavy-duty plancha.

AMISTAD GRILL CO. Carbon Steel Griddle is perfect for professional, home or camp use.
The heavy 12 gauge carbon steel maintains very low and very high temperatures, making the pan a highly effective and versatile cooking piece.
Fits most camp stoves, outdoor cooking pits

About Amistad grill co. plancha 

  • Takes high heat for best browning/searing
  • 2 stay cool handles
  • Fits on any ¾” round post (post not included)
  • Swivels 360 to keep away from heat while cooking
  • 12 gauge & 1/8” carbon steel heats quickly and retains heat for even cooking
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking
  • Use on gas, electric, outdoor grills or open fire pits
  • Seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use
  • Easy care: hand wash, dry immediately, rub with cooking (linseed)  oil



After cooking,

  • clean with a stiff nylon brush and hot water.
  • soap is not recommended
  • harsh detergents should never be used.
  • Towel dry immediately and apply a light coating of oil to utensil while it is still warm.
  • Not recommended for induction cooktops.

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